The meeting will be held at Noyori Conference Hall on the Higashiyama Campus of Nagoya University.

Get off at the Nagoya Daigaku subway station. The exit is No. 2. Follow the way shown below.

The lectures in the morning of the first day and the medaka aqualium backyard tour of the second day will be held at Higashiyama Zoo (
The zoo can be reached from Noyori Conference Hall in 10 to 15-minute walk, but you can take subway to Higashiyama Koen station via Motoyama (It may take longer than by walking).

The lectures on the first day is at the Dobutsu Kaikan nearby the main gate and the backyard tour on the second day will be held at the world medaka aqualium. You can go to the aqualium more easily by entering from the north gate.

Coin lockers are located nearby the main gate and the kitazono gate. There are also ones at the Higashiyama Koen subway station. However, the number is limited and it will be weekend!

Something extra: check this.