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Meeting Theme: From model organisms to non-model organisms

With the advances of DNA sequencing and analysis technology and the application of genomic editing, exemplified by CRISPR/Cas9, it has become possible to conduct researches on non-model organisms, which has not been on the cutting boards of modern biological research so far. The boundaries between outdoor and laboratory will also be lower and lower. Therefore, in the present meeting, we invite three ambitious researchers working on causal relationships between fish evolution and genome changes, to broaden our views beyond medaka and zebrafish. With 14-15 slots of oral presentation, we are waiting for challenging researches from young researchers. The party will start just following poster sessions, anticipating even more active discussion. After the meeting at Nagoya University on the second day, we will have a backyard tour of the World’s Medaka Aquarium on the Higashiyama Zoo (15-minute walk from the university). You can get a rare glimpse of curious medaka and cyprinodontid fish on the way back to the labs and perhaps get hints for your future research. As an outreach of the meeting, Dr. Sakaizumi of the Niigata University and medaka aqualium staffs will give lectures for general audience in the Higashiyama Zoo in the morning of the first day. We are looking forward to seeing you in Nagoya.

World’s Medaka Aquarium

The World’s Medaka Aquarium opened in 1993 as an exhibition facility of Higashiyama zoo and botanical gardens. It is one-of-a-kind aquarium collecting medaka fish in southeastern Asia (genus Oryzias), together with 150 species of medaka relatives around the world, called as swimming jewels. Most of them have been reproduced in the aquarium for many generations and breeding technology of the aquarium is highly appreciated. In addition, the aquarium is focusing on the breeding of rare freshwater fish inhabiting the country, so you can see in this aquarium all four freshwater fish species designated as national natural treasure. The aquarium is also an educational facility where you can learn about familiar waterside environments through small medaka. You can get a glimpse of the aquerium here. http://www.higashiyama.city.nagoya.jp/blog/cat20/

World’s Medaka Aquarium Outside
World’s Medaka Aquarium Inside

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